“The Art and Science of Tuberculosis Vaccine Development” is a non-profit book project made possible by the great contributions from scientists and artists from around the world to address the scourge of tuberculosis. The main objective of the book is to maximise the dissemination of the latest advances in tuberculosis vaccine development and the social impact that this disease has on various groups of individuals. Thus, we would appreciate it if you could read and abide by the following statements to respect the non-profit intention of the project and the tireless efforts from the contributors:

  • I understand that I am permitted to download the pdf version of the book for free provided that these materials are for my personal use or for educational purposes only.
  • I understand that I will not use these materials (in whole or in part) for any commercial purposes.
  • I understand that I am not allowed to display or exhibit or distribute any of the images displayed in this book.
  • I understand that if I use any part of the materials for publication or presentation, I will properly cite and acknowledge the source.

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