Franklin Sotolongo

Brith place: 

Franklin Sotolongo qualified as a medical doctor from the Faculty of Medicine, Cuba. His specialization in Microbiology was obtained at the Medical Sciences Institute, Cuba. He did a postgraduate fellowship in Neisseria, France, again specializing in Microbiology. He is an assistant professor of Microbiology. He is an expert in clinical meningococcal vaccine assessment and in developing bactericidal assay for antibody response evaluation. He is working on immunogenicity evaluation of meningococcal vaccine in several clinical studies in different countries, Phase I–II (WHO-sponsored). He also serves as PAHO–WHO temporary advisory for meningococcal disease and meningococcal vaccine evaluation, and follow up (Phase IV). Sotolongo has authored and co-authored several publications on Neisseria meningitis and meningococcal vaccines. He is also co-author of the Cuban meningococcal B vaccine patent, and author of a new culture medium for Neisseria meningitis patent.

Sotolongo is a member of the Cuban Microbiology Society, and the Infectious Pediatric Latin America Society. His paintings were exhibited at the 1st Biannual of Plastic Arts and Mental Health. He has a permanent exhibit at the Finlay Institute. Some of his art works are in private collections in Cuba, Italy, Peru, Spain, the United States and Venezuela.