Preface II

Tuberculosis is a devastating disease whose control needs the interaction, collaboration, and integration at the international level of all concerned. One of the key factors in the control of TB is the development of an effi cacious vaccine.

This book has as its main objective the dissemination of knowledge related to the development of new vaccines against TB and to include the more recent advances in the different aspects connected to this topic.

The authors of the different chapters represent a group of the more important authorities in this field who generously joined this project, giving their eff ort, knowledge, experience, and valuable time.

The illustrations in the book represent the work of artists from diff erent parts of the world committed to the fight against TB. They amplify the scope, message, and impact of the book, incorporating in a symbolic way the interaction between scientists and artists in the pursuit of an altruistic common goal.

This book is a non-profit initiative and will be freely distributed to research institutions, universities and organizations involved with the control of TB and the development of new vaccines against this disease.

This book is a promising example that international collaboration is possible in the fight against diseases.

Dr Concepcion Campa

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